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Construction Site Safety Staffing

Construction Site Staffing

  • Administer Project’s Safety Program.
  • Monitor the compliance with mandatory safety and health laws, standards and codes.
  • Monitor the work environment for noise and pollutants.
  • Develop and initiate specific safety and health procedures in conjunction with project controls.
  • Review and approve all Contractors’ Project Safety Professionals.
  • Review, support the develop project specific safety plans.
  • Develop a project specific safety orientation and perform training. 
  • Perform and document daily field observations.
  • Conduct a daily, documented field review of activity safety planning.
  • Support the Construction Management Team.

Saftey Resources, Inc. can meet the many demands of large field projects by supplying the onsite project safety expertise your company needs. Safety Resources provides project safety professionals that implement and manage site-specific safety required by owners and construction contracts.

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Matt McCreery, mmccreery@safetyresources.com



Key Benefits of Hiring Construction Site Safety Professionals:

  • Dedicated expertise managing risk
  • Additional management depth
  • Flexibility to address safety on any shift
  • Safety for project duration
  • Firm based expertise for each project

Construction Site Safety Management Services:

  • Safety monitoring and inspections
  • Conduct employee safety training and orientation
  • Attend project coordination meetings
  • Develop site specific safety plans and task hazard assessments
  • Complete daily safety tasks and responsibilities
  • Maintain project safety records and stats
  • Implement accident management systems
  • Manage regulatory inspections
  • OCIP Assistance

Construction Site Safety Management Experience:

  • Essroc Cement Corp. Martinsburg Modernization Project, Martinsburg, WV
  • Eli Lilly Corporate Office Parking Structure, Indianapolis, IN
  • DOD Newport Chemical Depot New Construction Project, Newport, IN
  • GM Corvette Plant Retooling Project, Bowling Green, KY
  • Toyota TMMI Contractor Safety Management, Princeton, IN
  • DuPont Site Specific Fall Protection Assessment and Plan, Louisville, KY
  • Central Illinois Public Service Scrubber Plant Demolition, Effingham, IL
  • Hoosier Energy Power Plant Rebuild Outage, Sullivan, IN

Construction Site Safety Testimonial:

"Safety Resources has been a major contributor to our success in delivering our new $25M chiller boiler plant to serve the new hospital. Their knowledge of how to get things done safely in a practical manner has been quite impressive. Their willingness to take the "team approach" has also proven to be very effective. I would, however, have to say that their most significant trait is their ability to help get things done in today's highly supervised, highly scrutinized, frequently inspected, frequently halted Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) working environment. Without their help, our project simply could not have been delivered on time, on budget, with only three first aid cases over a period of a year and a half with five separate prime contractors and nearly two dozen subs.

My conclusion is that Safety Resources can help you DELIVER projects in a safe and controlled manner."

Mark A. Wild, PE
Thermal Project Manager
Citizens Thermal
A member of Citizens Energy Group   


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