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What is wrong with these two pictures? Common Safety Mistakes

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Photo by Edge Protection Solutions 

Photo by: Suresh Gopal 

Can you spot the common safety mistakes in these two pictures? Safety mishaps in the areas of fall protection and scaffolding are prevalent in the construction industry. It is important that certain procautions are utilized to avoid injury and/or death on a jobsite. 

In the top photo you will notice that the workers aren't using any kind of fall protection. Safety harnesses, nets, and guard rails are essential in avoiding a fall. According to OSHA standards, fall protection is required when work is being performed more than six feet above the ground. It is important for everyone on the jobsite to understand the fall protection basics and to put them to practice when necessary.

In the bottom photo you will notice an example of poor scaffolding. A section of scaffolding is barely balancing on a small piece of wood instead of being secured. When setting up, scaffolding should be plumb, level and stable.OSHA requires that scaffolds be designed by a qualified person and be inspected at least once each work shift by a competent person. Stationary scaffolds over 125 feet in height and rolling scaffolds over 60 feet in height must be designed by a professional engineer.



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Great lunch today with the Indianapolis Roofers Safety Group! Whenever Olive Garden is involved, it's a good time. 



An important message from our president Kristin VanSoest on the recent change in OSHA's electronic reporting rule

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Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!

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Happy birthday to our stylish safety consultant Jeff Stoll! We hope you had a great day and enjoyed your 30th birthday party:) 


Confined Spaces in Construction

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An educational confined space article from one of our safety consultants
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