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Rooftop in Indy

Posted 3:22 PM by

Overlooking the Indiana Statehouse from behind a rooftop guardrail system.

Guardrail in Indianapolis



Safe Scaffolding

Posted 12:19 PM by

Safe use of suspension scaffolding on a current Safety Resources project.

Safe Scaffolding



Inspections of a Dam

Posted 1:07 PM by

Different day, different job; Performing sonar inspections of a dam.

Indianapolis Dam



Roche Diagnostics Construction Site

Posted 3:03 PM by

Roche Diagnostics Construction Site




Guardrail System

Posted 8:10 PM by

Guardrail system overlooking downtown Indianapolis.

Guardrail IndianapolisGua



Short Read: Dog Days of Summer

Posted 3:14 PM by

The Dog Days of Summer: Heat Stress and You

By: Tim Foulks

September 2015

Preventative measures to reduce and control the frequency of heat-related illness should be discussed and reviewed with your team at the beginning of the warm season. Preventative measures include:

1) Selecting appropriate clothing that will wick away sweat and keep the body cool. Light colored, loose-fitting, cotton (or other breathable material) should be worn, while non-breathable synthetic clothing should be avoided. The right clothes will allow sweat to evaporate from the skin resulting in a cooling effect for the skins surface.

2) Begin hydration before outdoor work and repeat often. Drink enough water so that thirst is not experienced. Drinking about 1-cup of water every 15-20 minutes will help prevent dehydration. Additionally, drinks that contribute to dehydration should be avoided (alcohol, fluids with large amounts of caffeine and/or sugar).

3) Gradually increase the duration and intensity of outdoor work to properly allow the body to acclimate to high temperatures. Complete heat acclimatization can require up to 14 days of exposure, and can vary from person to person. Slowly integrate workers into the warmer environments and introduce breaks often at first while the body is adjusting to the warmer climate.

4) Pay attention to weather reports and schedule work around cooler parts of the day. Attempt to limit work activities during the hottest part of the day, particularly during humid days that may increase sweating and decrease time to dehydration. If work must be performed during the warmest part of the day, try to provide shade and offer frequent hydration and rest breaks.


5) Stick to the Buddy System. It’s essential to monitor your own physical condition as well as that of your coworkers. Having a designated person check in with workers to monitor signs and symptoms of heat related illness and provide cool water will help to reduce the frequency and severity of heat related illness. The designated person should be responsible for and allowed to have workers take breaks when heat related illness is a potential concern.

This is a condensed article; Read the full article here.


20th Anniversary Celebration

Posted 7:12 PM by

Happy 20th Safety Resources, Inc.!

Through our continued partnerships over the last 20 years we have been able to accomplish many great things. Thank you for all that have contributed and for all of those that could attend our celebrated. 






A small tribute on 9/11/15

Posted 7:30 PM by

Photo taken on 9/11/15, American Flag and fall protection systems at Lockerbie Lofts during a site safety inspection

September 11th


Dinosaurs and Aerial Lifts

Posted 2:58 PM by

Dinosaurs and Aerial Lifts, where are we?! An Indianapolis treasure, the Children's Museum! 

Indianapolis Children's Museum



3rd Annual Central Indiana ASSE Golf Outing

Posted 2:22 PM by

We had a great time at the 3rd Annual Central Indiana Golf Outing on August 28th, 2015. It was their biggest year yet! http://centralindiana.asse.org/2015/04/3rd-annual-chapter-golf-outing/

ASSE Golf Outing 2015
Shane Stuller, Aaron Wisse, Karl Weisser and Tim Foulks representing Safety Resources, Inc.


Lockerbie Lofts coming in 2016

Posted 1:50 PM by

Indianapolis Residents will soon be seeing some changes at 7th and College. Lockerbie Lofts coming in 2016.

Lockerbie Lofts Indianapolis



8th Annual Meyer Najem Swing into Giving Charity Golf Outing

Posted 2:42 PM by

We love continuing to participate in the Meyer Najem Charity Golf Outing. http://www.meyer-najem.com/2015-swing-into-giving-charity-golf-outing/

Meyer Najem Golf 2015



Where did the Indy Star building go!?

Posted 2:37 PM by

Where did the Indy Star building go!?

Indy Star Building



A Whole Lot of Aerial Lifts

Posted 12:40 PM by

A whole lot of aerial lifts working away.

Aerial Lift



Golf Benefit to Support NAWIC’S Scholarship Program

Posted 4:58 PM by

The rain couldn't keep us away! We sponsored a foursome and a hole at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)'s Fundraiser Golf Outing benefiting NAWIC’s Scholarship Program.



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