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Electrical Junction Box Safety

Posted 3:34 PM by

Employee installing a cover to the electrical junction box to prevent any accidental contact with live wires.


                                                              electrical safety


Safety at Purdue Active Learning Center

Posted 2:31 PM by

Pouring cement and finishing the second level at the Active Learning Center on Purdue’s campus. Purdue’s Clocktower can be seen in the background. 

Purdue Safety



Rooftop in Indy

Posted 3:22 PM by

Overlooking the Indiana Statehouse from behind a rooftop guardrail system.

Guardrail in Indianapolis



Safe Scaffolding

Posted 12:19 PM by

Safe use of suspension scaffolding on a current Safety Resources project.

Safe Scaffolding



Inspections of a Dam

Posted 1:07 PM by

Different day, different job; Performing sonar inspections of a dam.

Indianapolis Dam



Roche Diagnostics Construction Site

Posted 3:03 PM by

Roche Diagnostics Construction Site




A small tribute on 9/11/15

Posted 7:30 PM by

Photo taken on 9/11/15, American Flag and fall protection systems at Lockerbie Lofts during a site safety inspection

September 11th


Dinosaurs and Aerial Lifts

Posted 2:58 PM by

Dinosaurs and Aerial Lifts, where are we?! An Indianapolis treasure, the Children's Museum! 

Indianapolis Children's Museum



Lockerbie Lofts coming in 2016

Posted 1:50 PM by

Indianapolis Residents will soon be seeing some changes at 7th and College. Lockerbie Lofts coming in 2016.

Lockerbie Lofts Indianapolis



Where did the Indy Star building go!?

Posted 2:37 PM by

Where did the Indy Star building go!?

Indy Star Building



A Whole Lot of Aerial Lifts

Posted 12:40 PM by

A whole lot of aerial lifts working away.

Aerial Lift



Personal Fall Arrest Systems

Posted 1:35 PM by

Two roofers utilizing PFAS (Personal Fall Arrest Systems) when there is no other means of fall protection available when working on a small roof.




Downtown Columbus, IN

Posted 7:35 PM by

An aerial shot of downtown Columbus, IN from the tallest building in the city.

Columbus IN



Wrecking Ball

Posted 1:16 PM by

Wrecking ball takes out South East corner of the old Indy Star Building in Downtown Indianapolis.

Wrecking Ball Indianapolis



On-site: Hilton Project Indianapolis

Posted 2:22 PM by

Personnel working on the new Hilton project in Downtown Indianapolis.

PPE Indianapolis


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