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2013 Safety Newsletters

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2012 Safety Newsletters

  • January - March (PDF)
    • Why Training Must Be Tied to Organizational Needs By: Ryan Clayton
    • Can Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment really make a difference? By: Shawn Shivers II
    • OSHA - Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP) By: Aaron Wissen
  • April - June (PDF)
    • Hazard Communication and the Globally Harmonized System By: Chris Hall
    • Videoes vs. Face - to Face Training By: Ryan Clayton
    • Three Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Safety Culture By: Matt McCreery
  • July - September (PDF)
    • Interpreting the Interpretation Letter Part 1 - "Vertical Wall Studs as Fall Protection" By: Matt McCreery
    • Tips for Fall Protection By: Bobby McIlquham
    • The Importance of Reporting By: Lindsey Yowell
  • October - December (PDF)
    • Hypothermia and Cold Weather Stress By: Chris Hall
    • Final Rule issued by OSHA for Cranes in Demolition & Underground Work By: Shane Stuller

2011 Safety Newsletters

  • January - March (PDF)
    • OSHA Inspection Procedure By: Jeff Groce
    • The Qualified Signalperson By: Chris Hall
    • Construction Sites are Loud By: Ryan Clayton
    • The 2010 Top 10 List of Most Commonly Cited OSHA Safety Violations By: Aaron Wissen
    • Safety Saves By: Matt McCreery
  • April - June (PDF)
    • The Competent Person By: Chris Hall
    • Emergency! Emergency! By: Ryan Clayton
    • The Informal Conference By: Matt McCreery
    • Teamwork "FORE" Construction By: Aaron Wissen
    • OSHA Inspection Procedure By: Jeff Groce
  • July - September (PDF)
    • OSHA Inspection Procedure By: Jeff Groce
    • Safety Incentive Programs By: Shawn Shivers II
    • National Safety Month By: Chris Hall
    • If The Shoe Doesn't Fit By: Aaron Wissen
    • Employer Affirmative Defense By: Matt McCreery
    • Authentic Participation is KEY By: Ryan Clayton
  • October - December (PDF)
    • Aerial Lift Users are in for a Change By: Chris Hall
    • Hands-On Interactive Safety Training By: Matt McCreery
    • OSHA Inspection Procedure By: Jeff Groce

2010 Safety Newsletters

  • January - March (PDF)
    • OSHA Recordkeeping By: Kristin VanSoest
    • MICCS Contractor Certification Program By: Ryan J. Goings
    • Jobsite Weather By: Matt McCreery
    • Changes to the Hazard Communication Standard are Coming By: Chris Hall
  • April - June (PDF)
    • What is Wrong with this picture? By: Kristin VanSoest
    • Worker’s Compensation Fraud By: Ryan J. Goings
    • Commercial Fall Protection Flow Chart By: Matt McCreery
    • Back Injury Prevention By: Chris Hall
  • July - September (PDF)
    • Protect Yourself from Lightning By: Bob Blair
    • Demolition Planning By: Chris Hall
    • Beat the Heat By: Ryan Clayton
    • Flagging Traffic By: Matt McCreery
    • Dermatitis: One of the most common occupational diseases By: Ryan Goings
  • October - December (PDF)
    • Fall Protection - Competent Person By: Ryan Clayton
    • Staying Safe in the Cold By: Chris Hall
    • Cranes and Derricks in Construction: OSHA’s New Rule

2009 Safety Newsletters

  • January - March (PDF)
    • Simply Ergonomics
    • Importance of Exercise and Getting Fit By Joe Baldwin
    • Importance of Safety Glasses By: Shawn Crawford
    • Fall Protection “The Connector Conundrum” By Matt McCreery
    • Ladder Safety By Terry Pedigo
  • April - June (PDF)
    • Nuclear Power Plant Outage Safety By: Joe Baldwin
    • Suspension Scaffold Safety By: Chris Hall
    • Cost Saving Safety By: Matt McCreery
    • Power Actuated Tool Safety
    • Energy Conservation Tips
  • October - December (PDF)
    • H1N1 Preparedness By: Kristin VanSoest
    • The Site Specific Toolbox Talk By: Chris Hall
    • Why Do Accidents Happen? By: Matt McCreery
    • The Use and Safety of Suspended Personnel Platforms By: Ryan J. Goings

2008 Safety Newsletters

  • January - March (PDF)
    • OSHA’s Top Ten for 2007 October 1, 2006 – September 30, 2007 By: Matt McCreery
    • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z359 Fall Protection Guidelines By: Jeff Olejnik 
    • OSHA Inspection Protocol By: Kristin VanSoest
    • Getting Support for Safety By: Michael Dougherty
    • Changes to OSHA’s PPE Standard By: Chris Hall

2007 Safety Newsletters

  • January - March (PDF)
    • Noise and How Much Can We Take? By: Jeff Brown
    • Back Injury Prevention By: Chris Hall
    • New Hexavalent Chromium Standard: Are you in compliance By: John Orawiec
    • OSHA’s Top 10 most Cited Violations for 2006 By: Matt McCreery
  • April - June (PDF)
    • IDOL Collaboration with Safety Resources, Inc.
    • Flammable and Combustible Materials By: Kristin VanSoest
    • Aerial Lift Safety By: Matt McCreery

2006 Safety Newsletters

  • January - March (PDF)
    • Daily Job Safety Inspections; Making Zero Accidents a Reality By: John Webb
    • Slips, Trips, and Falls By: Kristin VanSoest
    • Clearing the Fog HAZWOPER Training By: Gary Gagliardi
    • Take Care of Your Back, and it Will Take Care of You By: Marc Brewer
  • April - June (PDF)
    • Driving While Dialing By: Marc Brewer
    • Employee’s Right to Know By: Chris Hall
    • Job Site Orientation By: John Webb
    • OSHA Recordkeeping – Quick Reference Guide By: Kristin VanSoest
    • Will More Orange Cones Bring More Roadway Deaths: Anticipating the affect of the pending boom in Indiana highway construction By: Gary Gagliardi
  • July - September (PDF)
    • The Parapet Wall Dilemma By: Matt McCreery
    • Hot Work Safety By: John Webb
    • Respiratory Protection Training Requirements By: Chris Hall
    • FYI: Have you heard about the recent changes in Indianapolis? By: Kristin VanSoest
  • October - December (PDF)
    • OSHA Approved Online Safety Training By: Kristi VanSoest
    • Ladder Safety By: Matt McCreery
    • Behavioral Safety By: John Orawiec
    • The Dangers of Aerial Lifts By: John Webb
    • Forklift Safety, Lifting Personnel By: Chris Hall

2005 Safety Newsletters

  • July - September (PDF)
    • NFPA 70E Standards
    • Crane Operator Training By: Marc Brewer
    • Intelligent Chemical Handling By: Kristin Hurst
    • Compressed Gas Cylinders By: John Webb By: John Webb
    • Celebrating 10 Years
  • October - December (PDF)
    • Reduce Employee Exposure Personal Protective Equipment By: Kristin VanSoest
    • Cold Weather Precautions  By: John Webb
    • Fall Protection – Frequently Asked Questions By: Marc Brewer
    • Tribometry (Slip and Fall Prevention)

2003 Safety Newsletters

  • August (PDF)
    • Safety: The Bottom Line By: Marc Brewer
    • Do You Know What to Do? - Severe Weather Safety By: John Webb
    • School’s Starting — Protecting Our Children By: Dan Brennan
  • September (PDF)
    • Confined Space: Do You Know What is in That Hole in the Ground By: Dan Brennan
    • Watch for Falling Objects: Commonly Overlooked Fall Protection Issues By: Marc Brewer
    • Ladder Safety—How to Properly Set up a Ladder By: John Webb
  • November (PDF)
    • Developing Employee Orientation for Construction Job Sites By: Marc Brewer
    • Guarding Against Cold Weather Injuries
    • Winter Driving Safety Tips




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