What is Behavioral-Based Safety?

Behavioral safety is the application of behavioral research on human performance to the problems of safety in the workplace. A behavior-based safety approach promotes interventions that are people-focused and often incorporates employee observations while performing routine work tasks, setting goals, providing timely feedback, coaching and mentoring.

Safety Resources, Inc. understands that a positive company culture is the precursor for a positive safety culture. Obtaining an environment which leads employees to safety ownership and low incident rates must be a result of deliberate and focused leadership from top management.

How can we achieve a positive behavioral culture?

Operational and strategic risks are often misunderstood by the majority of our workforce, and surprisingly, this includes individuals at the supervisory level. Our consultants work closely with supervisors to help enable them to lead, earn trust, and motivate their employees.

What methods do we use?

We benchmark with an initial employee perception survey to provide indicators as to employees perceive support for safety efforts as well as provide insight as to how employees feel about top management support. Once we’ve spent critical time working with all employees at various levels to improve the company culture, we will do a follow-up perception survey to compare to the original benchmark.

All people are motivated in different ways to do what’s right and feel respected and valued. Without digging into the root of these motivational tactics, employers may spend time with emphasis on the tactics that don’t offer positive results. A manager cannot simply provide a “style” in which to manage – rather they must ascertain ways in which each employee is motivated differently, in turn managing them differently to provide effectiveness.

Why do we want to achieve this culture?

Cost control strategies, plan design, employee involvement and program development are the areas of concentration which have allowed us to positively impact the bottom line for thousands of our partners who strive to significantly reduce their number of incidents. By providing a means for employees to commit to the overall benefit of the company and taking ownership of the program as a whole, we provide a workplace with fewer incidents and less cost both directly and indirectly to the bottom line. Our solutions are innovative, aggressive and designed to provide maximum impact as quickly as possible.

A Word from Our Clients:

"The relationship we have with Safety Resources the last 15+ years has not only allowed us to make that commitment to the safety of our employees and our customers, but to “raise the bar” in our attempt to be on the leading edge of safety in our chosen field."

-Dave Tyndall, Vice President at Southern Roofing, Inc.

Come join us for "SAFETY FACTS & Snacks"!

WHEN: September 21
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WHO: Company Owners, Safety Directors, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Foremen, Supervisors, Superintendents, or anyone else involved in the construction industry, manufacturing industry, service industry, or anyone who shares a common interest in safety.

WHY: Safety Resources, Inc. looks forward to sharing ideas and providing a learning environment to the community in an effort to encourage involvement in occupational safety efforts everywhere. Each attendee will earn an IACET CEU Certificate for 0.2 each time they attend the viritual session!