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Construction in Cincinnati, OH

Posted 2:08 PM by

Inspecting a suspension scaffold system high above downtown Cincinnati.

Suspension Scaffold Cincinnati



Downtown Indianapolis Project

Posted 2:05 PM by

Aerial view of a Downtown Indianapolis project, illustrating fall protection systems used for window & door openings.

Downtown Indianapolis Safety



New Construction Greenwood, IN Aquatic Center

Posted 2:03 PM by

New construction that we're part of: Greenwood Aquatic Center at Freedom Park

Greenwood Aquatic



New Construction at North Lockerbie

Posted 1:58 PM by

New construction at North Lockerbie in Indianapolis, IN.

                                          New Construction North Lockerbie


Another Great Day in the City

Posted 2:19 PM by

It's another great day here in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Indianapolis Safety



Client's Pressurized Stairwell Tubing

Posted 2:11 PM by

This is on one of our client's projects. Pressurized stairwell tubing installed at a project to serve as smoke mitigation in case of a building fire. Pretty neat!

Pressurized stairway safety



Did you know? Fall Protection Systems

Posted 1:54 PM by

Did you know?

These roofers are cutting a hole in the roof to create a skylight. There are multiple fall protection systems that are being used, PFAS, warning line systems, and a safety monitor, to help keep all employees safe and free from fall hazards.

Fall Protection



In the field

Posted 6:02 PM by

SRI team member sharing safety techniques with project personnel. 

                                                  safety training

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