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Contract Safety Director


SRI has developed and proven a unique service titled “Contract Safety Director”, or CSD.  This service does what no other compliance related consulting service can do:  It provides your corporation with a “Staff” or “Safety Department” of professionals with particular expertise in different loss control and risk management disciplines.

Through a coordinative team effort that focuses on the unique expertise of each safety professional within our firm, we can provide complete, thorough, and cost effective safety services.  Our scope of services provided to you can be broad, or very specific.

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Our 8 Step CSD process BEGINS like this:

Ongoing Commitment and Maintenance Includes:

Regular Jobsite safety audits  -  Direct Integration with your Workforce  -  Ongoing Training efforts with all members of staff  -  Program Development and SOPs  -  Accident/Incident Investigations as needed  -  Jobsite prequalification  -  Site Specific Safety Plans as Required  -  Development and Maintenance of Company Safety Handbook.

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