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In this tough economic environment we’ve experienced for the past two years, there have been masses of news relating to uncertainty and instability.  It has, at times, seemed as though all the rules that used to apply have gone out the window, and the economic system has had to reinvent itself. 

Negative outlooks have been common, but, we at Safety Resources, have continued to follow the foundational principles that have made us successful throughout the years.  We celebrate our 15th year with a renewed commitment to supporting our clients; we consider ourselves partners with you, and we have considered everything we do as support in this concept. 

We have not always shared this message outside our firm.  Now, though, we have decided to make this message more widely known by sharing our mission statement:

 Saving Lives. Saving Companies.

These words reflect precisely what we do.

Even though we are reinforcing our core principles, we are also changing some to meet the challenges ahead. Earlier this year, our founder, Robert Baldwin began executing a business plan to provide expanded ownership.  On February 22, 2010, I, Kristin VanSoest, SRI’s long time Director of Operations, assumed majority interest and the responsibility as President of the firm.  With this change, the
WBE Certification was applied for and state certification is expected soon.  This classification as a Woman Owned Business will bring a powerful resource to our clients who want and need to meet set-aside guidelines and mandates.  My ownership and management of our 15 year history of performance and financial stability will satisfy even the most demanding standards for woman ownership credibility.

We are excited to share this news, and continue our firm’s principles with a new vision of growth.

Warm Regards,

Kristin VanSoest


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