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The Science of Slip and Fall Prevention

The purpose of Tribometry is to provide a guide to aid in the prevention of slip and fall accidents and assist in the elimination, reduction, and/or control of hazards from undesired incidents of slips, trips and falls.

Safety Resources Inc's Slip and Fall program is a program consisting of several elements; that together, contribute to your facility and/or companies liability defense in the event a slip and fall occurs at your place of business.

Elements of the Safety Resources program include:

  • An analysis of your current needs in regards to slip and fall management and safety.
  • Development of slip and fall policies and procedures specific to your facility and tier structure.
  • Training for management personnel on slip and fall liability issues, due diligence, and prevention measures.
  • Training for employees on slip and fall policies and procedures, and employee responsibilities.
  • Identification of floor area by usage.
  • Slip resistance testing of hard floors at a determined frequency.
  • Slip and fall program review report provided upon slip resistance testing of hard floors.
  • Establishing and maintaining a database for floor slip resistance (COF-Coefficient of Friction) measurements.
  • Expert witness testimony available as required.
  • Informational updates on trends and developments in the areas of safety and slips and falls.
  • Unlimited access to technical expertise for safety questions or concerns via phone or internet.

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