Safety Resources, Inc. can assist with OSHA inspections and contesting citations/fines, as well as any subsequent processes required to ensure minimal financial and reputable damages.

The first step is to take a proactive approach to safety, and ensure training and documentation is organized on an ongoing basis. But, even if you’re ready, it’s important to understand what happens when they arrive, and even more importantly, after they leave.

Preventive measures are the best way to both be truly “OSHA prepared” and help the long-term success of your company.  However, if that certified mail arrives with an OSHA citation, you must be ready to act.  Developing a plan for the informal conference and consulting a safety consultant familiar with the OSHA citation process are the best reactive actions your company can take. 

Walkthrough Process

Safety Resources will team with your project management to ensure you have an expert on-site presence during the critical walkthrough stage with the Compliance Safety and Health Officer (CSHO). At this time, we will provide immediate abatement recommendations for ongoing activities, record photographic evidence for any and all potential or perceived violations, manage any related questions and also provide advice for documentation requirements required during the closing conference process.

Abatement Forms & Reporting

Safety Resources will manage and coordinate all abatement activities and posting as required by OSHA for any and all alleged violations. This could include re-training, abatement of hazardous situations, additional planning for high hazard activities, etc. These abatement items and documentation are usually required within 24 hours.

Informal Conference or Contest of Citation

Management and preparation for an OSHA informal conference can make or break the final outcome one way or the other. Safety Resources prepares any and all affirmative defenses available, applicable OSHA interpretation letter research, and case by case fact to strive for a reduction in severity or outright elimination of the alleged citation. Typically if the severity has been reduced the financial impact is reduced along with it. If an agreement cannot be made during the informal process Safety Resources can assist in preparation to contest and OSHA violation and to eliminate all associated penalties outright.



  • Participate in OSHA Walkthroughs on Client’s Behalf
  • Manage Opening & Closing Conferences
  • Manage Abatement Forms & Reporting
  • Manage any Necessary Informal Conferences or Contest of Citations

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