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Industrial Safety

All manufacturing and industrial companies are different and must comply with a broad range of occupational safety and health compliance regulations. Controlling the rising cost of doing business has forced many companies to rely on outside expertise. As productivity quotas increase, companies must manage safety issues that directly affect the bottom line.

Safety Resources can help identify safety solutions that make sense for your company. Whether you require an individual resource or a full complement of resources, Safety Resources is dedicated to developing, implementing, and sustaining safety management systems to protect corporate assets. Safety Resources provides high quality manufacturing and industrial safety services.

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • Food/Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Chemical Process Facilities
  • Vehicle Product Manufacturing Facilities
  • Extrusion and Extraction Processes
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Product Assembly Line Operations
  • Steel Industries
  • Power Distribution and Transmission Companies
  • Precision Instrumentation Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Foundries
  • Janitorial Services Companies


Our safety professionals will conduct single or multiple facility safety audits tailored to your specific need. Safety Resources, Inc. will then be able to identify potential risks and communicate them to your company in a detailed summary report suggesting abatement actions for improvement.

A facility safety audit can identify:

  • Corporate risk and liability exposure
  • Potential OSHA and other regulatory violations
  • Employee accident and injury trends
  • Deviation from corporate policy
  • Safety program and training deficiencies 
  • Machine guarding and ergonomic hazards
  • Contractor safety management issues

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