Workplace accident cases may refer to numerous types of issues, making it imperative that the right workplace accidents expert witness is selected for your case. Workplace accident experts are often called upon for a case to provide an expert opinion based on the findings of an accident investigation and reconstruction as a means of determining the source of the incident in question, whether it involves poor industrial hygiene, insufficient safety equipment, human factors, a lack of employee training, poor reaction time on behalf of safety management, a lack of safety warnings, negligence, or other possible issue.

Workplace accidents may vary in nature, depending on each particular field. Such incidents may involve a vehicle accident, hazardous material, hazardous waste, chemical accidents, toxic exposure, or a slip, trip, or fall, in addition to other types of incidents.

Safety Resources can provide Expert Witness Testimony for either the Plaintiff or the Defendant during litigation.  Our consultants can help you understand what the standard of care for each situation as well as whether a company safety requirement was violated.  We will provide a detailed review of the case and provide a level of transparency within a quick turnaround time.

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"Indiana Water Environment association (IWEA) puts a great deal of focus on providing educational seminars that engage attendees and keep our members up-to-date with the newest information in the industry.  SRI’s presentation really fit the bill – the feedback from the presentation was great.  IWEA really appreciates the time SRI spent preparing and presenting to our members and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Julia Petro, Association Manager
Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA) 

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WHO: Company Owners, Safety Directors, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Foremen, Supervisors, Superintendents, or anyone else involved in the construction industry, manufacturing industry, service industry, or anyone who shares a common interest in safety.

WHY: Safety Resources, Inc. looks forward to sharing ideas and providing a learning environment to the community in an effort to encourage involvement in occupational safety efforts everywhere. Each attendee will earn an IACET CEU Certificate for 0.2 each time they attend the viritual session!