Stilts:  Before using stilts, you should identify, assess and control the risks relating to
the work area layout, work area condition, the work activity to be undertaken and the
tools and equipment that will be used.  Once this has been completed, develop safe work procedures, implement and monitor the risk controls and ensure that only a competent person uses stilts.

Risks involved when using stilts include:

  • Losing one’s balance and falling to the ground through a window or over handrails.
  • Tripping over debris, materials or tools on the floor, or falling on slippery surfaces.
  • Falling over while entering a different level or going through doorways.
  • Manual-handling injuries caused by bending over or twisting from the stilts.

Stilts should not be used without proper training and workers must have experience in their use.  Manufacturer’s instructions on their correct use must be followed at all times.  

Workers should be made aware of: 

  • How the foot and ankle action changes when wearing stilts;
  • Work environment hazards;
  • How to correctly adjust stilts to reduce fatigue and poor posture; and
  • Injuries that can occur from unsafe use.

Before undertaking work activities, the stilt worker should gain experience and confidence by working with their head up, using tools in both hands and working at maximum heights.

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