The purpose of Tribometry is to provide a guide to aid in the prevention of slip and fall accidents and assist in the elimination, reduction, and/or control of hazards from undesired incidents of slips, trips and falls.

Safety Resources, Inc.’s Slip and Fall Program is a program consists of several elements, which together, contribute to your facility and/or company’s liability defense in the event a slip and fall occurs at your place of business.

The slipmeter (tribometer) used by Safety Resources’ Slip and Fall Accident Prevention Specialist is the Brungraber Mark III Tribometer, and all testing follows the ASTM 1677 method. This method avoids the problem of sticktion by applying horizontal and vertical forces simultaneously.

A proposed OSHA standard for Subpart D makes reference to a 0.5 minimum requirement for coefficient of friction (COF).  However, this standard was never promulgated as a final rule.  Some product manufacturers point to this proposed standard as a rule to which employers must comply. The higher the number on the scale measuring COF, the more friction the floor surface exhibits. No standards are officially documented and enforced by OSHA or any other regulatory agency for wet floor surfaces, but due diligence is always a priority.

Elements of the Safety Resources Slip and Fall Prevention Program include:

  • An analysis of your current needs in regards to slip/fall management and safety
  • Development of slip/fall policies and procedures specific your facility
  • Training for management personnel on slip and fall liability issues, due diligence, and prevention measures
  • Training for employees on slip/fall policies and procedures, and employee responsibilities
  • Identification of floor area by usage
  • Slip resistance testing hard floors at a determined frequency
    • When testing for COF measurements, several factors are considered:
      • Products used on floor and frequency of usage
      • Floor care maintenance schedule Weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors
      • Typical shoe type in area
      • Environmental conditions in the area / potential hazards
  • Expert witness testimony available as required
  • Establishing/ maintaining a database for floor slip resistance measurements
A Word from Our Clients:

"As Ironworkers, safety is our first priority.  We decided to partner with Safety Resources in 2018 to be able to meet and surpass the numerous safety regulations and requirements needed in our industry and needed to keep our team safe, but yet be able to perform our daily work requirements.  They have been able to keep us up to date and at the forefront of a continuously evolving subject.  They are readily available when needed and extremely helpful.  Safety Resources has seamlessly become one of our team members and is an asset to our company.  Outsourcing our safety to Safety Resources has been one of the best decisions our company has made and has benefited greatly from."

Cindy Kincaid, Operations Manager
ECI Erectors

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