Safety Resources, Inc. can help you identify and assess your organizational safety needs through our Gap Analysis Process. This service is designed to provide a “blueprint” for safety implementation for a wide variety of safety initiatives and identified physical hazards. Our consultants are dedicated to work with your management team to encourage their involvement in the process to ensure the most feasible implementation plan possible.

Oftentimes, a company’s executive management team, in conjunction with their safety director, will know that they take safety very seriously, and implement all they can to ensure low worker’s compensation premiums, as well as sending employees home each day safely. They understand that there are best practices they could implement, but perhaps they don’t understand how to attain these goals and manage the directives associated with them.

Or, a company believes they are managing the safety requirements as set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations, but they just aren’t sure if they’re doing everything they should be doing. Maybe they do employee training, but they aren’t aware of what should be completed at what frequency. Maybe they have a written safety program, but they don’t realize that it lacks specific programs that are required for their industry.

We visit your facility/office/jobsite and identify the items you are completing well, and where you should be from a safety standpoint if you covered all that was required. In doing this, we are able to identify what GAPS are remaining, and we provide recommendations as to how you can fill those gaps, either by enlisting us for assistance, or tackling those action items yourself. Either way, we give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals and fill in the gaps that may exist in your program.


Facility Walkthrough

Safety Resources will team with your facility management and/or safety director to identify areas of need and to facilitate an open discussion on the current hazard trends present onsite. We will document both positive and negative observations, covering the spectrum of applicable OSHA regulations. The facility walkthrough is an important step to ascertain whether the program set in place is working, or if additional items, training, etc. need to be accomplished.

Documentation Review

Our consultant(s) will review your safety program, training records, OSHA 300 logs, incident reports, Safe Operating Procedures, Energy Control Procedures, permitting systems, orientation training, employee safety handbook, etc. for accuracy, completion, and provide recommendations for improvement, as well as identify what’s missing.

Report of Findings

Safety Resources will develop and disseminate a complete analysis of our findings during the walkthrough process and documentation review. This report will identify the overall “blueprint” for corporate safety initiatives as well identify specific hazards and abatement activities to be complete to achieve compliance and to eliminate hazards. This professional report will be delivered within a week of the initial assessment and will serve as a key deliverable for your organization.

Ongoing Safety Support

Safety Resources, upon completion of the Report of Findings, will be available for ongoing assistance and consulting via our toll free hotline (included), or additional service agreement(s) for consulting services. We take pride in our work and encourage ongoing questions as they arise through your corporate implementation of recommendations.

A Word from Our Clients:

"SRI’s presentation really fit the bill – the feedback from the presentation was great. IWEA really appreciates the time SRI spent preparing and presenting to our members and we look forward to working with you in the future."

-Julia Petro, Association Manager at Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA)

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