Safety Resources Inc. has the expertise and professional experience to ensure your projects have developed any and all required pre-planning for a multitude of owners, general contractors and construction managers. These plans are often mandated, but they can also be extremely useful in managing liability and providing appropriate documentation if an injury or an OSHA inspection were to happen for any size of project. All of our submitted plans will be taken through approval so you can count on a timely delivery for your project documents.

Corps of Engineers

The Corps of Engineers has rigorous requirements for contractors during the safety planning phase. These specific plans are often containing acronyms and multiple layers of associated plans, which can be extremely confusing for those contractors who have little to no prior experience performing work on Corps of Engineers jobsites. We have the capabilities to develop the Accident Prevention Plans (APP’s) for General Contractors, Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA’s), Fall Protection Plans (FPP’s) and any other required safety submittals for any organization working on a Corps of Engineers Project.


Safety Resources can submit timely and complete project safety plans for Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Plans (CCIP). These plans are often mandated by the owner or the general contractor in conjunction with their specific worker’s compensation insurance and can be extremely complex and detailed.

General Contractors & Construction Managers

Oftentimes General Contractors or Construction Management firms will require specific safety plans submitted to them before work may begin to ascertain whether all contractors have a specific plan in place for any hazards associated with that particular project. Safety Resources will work with your project management team to ensure the scope of safety systems is accurate and allows for timely delivery of the project as a whole. We will identify compliance measures while ensuring the specific personnel are capable of performing the work in a safe manner.

Site Specific Liability and Process Management for Unique Project Items

In construction, there are many variables that sometimes require specific planning, as well as detailed communication to the personnel exposed to the specific hazards. See below for some examples of these situations (this is only a comprehensive list and doesn’t include all unique hazards):

  • Work near energized electrical systems or lines
  • Unique fall protection
  • Trench and excavation protective systems
  • Access to the work area
  • Abatement activities
  • Confined space
  • Critical lift planning
A Word from Our Clients:

"[Safety Resources] always had the safety expertise we needed and I’ve always felt confident they’re bringing value to our investment."

-Jay Sullivan, Safety Director / Operations Manager at The Blakley Corporation

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WHO: Company Owners, Safety Directors, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Foremen, Supervisors, Superintendents, or anyone else involved in the construction industry, manufacturing industry, service industry, or anyone who shares a common interest in safety.

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