How long has Safety Resources, Inc. been in business?

Safety Resources incorporated in 1995.

What experience and/or training do your consultants possess?

Safety Resources hires degreed professionals and is committed to ongoing professional development.

What, exactly, is a CSD (Contract Safety Director)?

SRI offers a service provider to act as an internal safety director. This provider accomplishes the same tasks a full time, in-house director would, but with less time and less cost. Through a coordinative team effort that focuses on the unique expertise of each safety professional within our firm, we can provide complete, thorough, and cost effective safety services. Our scope of services provided to you can be broad, or very specific.

What areas/regions do you provide services?

We work nationwide to meet your safety needs, and will travel to your facility/jobsite as required. We have the ability to provide consulting services as well as site safety representation locally, regionally and nationally.

How can you provide assistance with an OSHA citation?

We have experienced consultants who provide customer representation during the walkthrough process and at informal conferences, and we advise our clients with professional opinions on the decision-making process as it related to citations and fines.

What type of training does Safety Resources offer?

We provide all types of safety training for construction and general industries, as well as service companies. We provide training to all levels within an organization, to include managerial/supervisory, front line employees, and laborers. We customize our training to meet the needs of our customers, and we focus on the specific hazards within their industries.

Where can you provide training for my company?

We have the ability to provide small classes at our corporate facility, or we will come to your location and conduct training on-site. We also have partners in the area that we work with to assemble classes up to 60 attendees. We have the means to conduct training in a classroom setting or on a production floor or jobsite.

How can implementing and/or improving safety within my organization positively affect my bottom line?

We can offer assistance in lower worker’s compensation premiums, along with the reduction of injuries that ultimately drive costs up, both directly and indirectly. Safety Resources offers solutions to keep the workplace safe and incident free, allowing injury statistics to remain low so our customers have every opportunity to bid new work.

What types of projects can Safety Resources help provide site safety supervision?

We are able to provide site safety representation on a variety of different project types, to include (but not limited to): new healthcare construction, occupied healthcare renovations, schools, administrative and manufacturing buildings, power generation plants and facilities, multifamily housing projects, pipelines and tunneling projects, demolition of existing structures, and telecommunication infrastructure.

How does Safety Resources provide onsite safety representation?

We can offer your organization site safety representation a number of different ways, to best meet your needs. These options can include, but aren’t limited to, the following: an onsite leader for established safety initiatives, assistance with managing safety responsibilities for unique projects, assistance with facilitating safety during shutdown operations, regional oversight for multiple concurrent projects, and provide safety oversight due to contractually mandated requirements by owner or agency.

A Word from Our Clients:

"Safety Resources has been a major contributor to our success in delivering our new $25m chiller boiler plant to serve the new hospital.  Their knowledge of how to get things done safely in a practical manner has been quite impressive. Their willingness to make the “team approach” has also proven to be very effective. Their most significant trait is their ability to help get things done in today’s highly supervised, highly scrutinized, frequently inspected, frequently halted Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) working environment. Without their help, our project simply could not have been delivered on time, on budget, with only three first aid cases over a period of a year and a half with five separate prime contractors and nearly two dozen subs.

“Safety Resources can help you DELIVER projects in a safe and controlled manner.”

Mark A. Wild, Project Engineer
Citizen Thermal, a division of Citizens Energy Group

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