“According to the Bureau of Labor latest Statistics in 2019, 2,122 deaths were the result of occupational transportation incidents. That number is 39 percent of the 5,316 annual number of fatalities from occupational injuries.” Being alert to your surroundings and of others when driving will ensure a safe arrival to your destination. Driving will require your full attention. Most collisions occur due to a person’s lack of awareness. This can be prevented through defensive driving. Staying vigilant can help protect yourself as well as others. Defensive drivers know how to identify leading indicators for potential hazards and are able to avoid them.

Traffic Signs Every Driver Must KnowSafe driving begins with you. Ensure you are familiar with the equipment or vehicle you will be driving. Ensure good working conditions prior to use and that emergency equipment is available for use if applicable. Good drivers obey and follow traffic laws. Company policies and procedures should be implemented during work operations. Always make sure to put on your seat belt prior to operating. Seat belts have been proven to save lives. Follow posted signage and maintain safe driving speeds. Use your signals when driving and follow the signals of others. Never operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or an altered state of mind. Clear minds make better decisions. Stay focused while driving and avoid distractions. Distractions can shift your attention and lead to accidents from lack of awareness to your surroundings. If you must answer a phone call while driving, pull over to a safe spot.  Always keep your eyes on the road. Weather and road conditions are subject to changes. Being able to navigate through changing conditions will require safe decision making. 

27,100+ Driving Safety Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip  Art - iStock | Winter driving safety, Driving safety icons, Truck driving  safetySafe driving etiquette should be considered when operating any motorized vehicle. Know where your intended destination is. Yield to the right of way. Maintain a cool and levelheaded composure and avoid aggressive driving and speeding. Defensive drivers are always prepared for the worst. They can analyze the behavior of others around them to assess driving situations. Always assume surrounding other drivers’ behaviors will be unexpected. Provide sufficient space between you and them. Leave room for sudden stops, lane changes, mechanical errors, and other unpredictable sudden movements. Do not take other actions personally, remain composed and courteous.  You can only fully control your actions, so it is important to be prepared, patient, and alert. Drive with caution at all times. Excessive speed is not necessary, take your time during travels, and ensure a safe arrival to your intended destination.