DR-Fall protection systems such as guard railing have specific OSHA requirements
Photo courtesy of David Risner

Fall protection systems, such as guard railing, have specific OSHA requirements to ensure that the potential falling hazards are minimized.  These requirements include:

  • Vertical posts that must not exceeding 8 ft. apart.  
  • Top/mid rails at the proper height:

⇒  Top Rail:  42 + /- 3 inches
⇒  Mid Rail:  21 + /- 3 inches 

  • Systems must support outward forces:

⇒  Top Rail:  200 lbs.
⇒  Mid Rail:  150 lbs.
⇒  Toe Board (if present):  50 lbs.  
     Toe boards prevent objects from falling and
     potentially creating more hazards.

The guard railing system pictured above is overlooking the tranquil and mystifying Elkhart river after a recent blanket of snow.  The system is fully compliant per OSHA standard §1926.502(b).

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