The forecast for the entire work week is in the 90° range with highs reaching 99°! 

This is the first such stretch of heat this year, so we have not yet acclimated. This means you need to  watch your pace and STAY HYDRATED. Drink water or sport drink every opportunity you can and every  break. Avoid sodas and energy drinks- sugar and caffeine are NOT helpful in these conditions. Take  breaks in the shade or cooler areas. 

Heat related Illnesses are very serious medical conditions, and they have a progression, meaning if  recognized early, you can prevent the condition from worsening.  

Progression of Symptoms 

First symptoms are usually cramps involving arms, legs, body core. If you experience these safely stop  what you’re doing and inform someone. You will need to hydrate while you relax/stretch in a cooler  environment. If your cramps do not subside within an hour, you will require medical attention.  

Heat Exhaustion. Signs include heavy sweating, pale clammy skin, nausea/vomiting, headache, and  dizziness. This is most likely to be noticed/reported by a co-worker. These symptoms are now moving  into the serious level. Safely stop work, move you to a cooler area, loosen your clothing, apply cool wet  cloths to your head, neck, armpits, chest/stomach, and sip water. Medical treatment is needed.  

Heat Stroke. This condition is a true medical emergency. The signs are red/hot/dry skin, headache,  nausea, confusion, and loss of consciousness. The body systems have lost the ability to regulate body  temperature. This is a life-threatening event and drastic intervention is required. We should NEVER get  to this point!  

Remember if you don’t feel well, are cramping, sweating profusely tell someone! Keep an eye on each  other!