FLCO - Stonewall at Riverwalk.  Photo courtesy of David Risner

Job-built ladders are great tools for workers when extension or A-frames are not available.  

There are many stipulations such as:

  • Ladders cannot be longer than 24 feet, excluding the side rail extension above the landing.  For side rail requirements, they must extend 36" to 42" above the landing.
  • Side rails can be constructed with 2X6 in. lumber and should be a continuous piece. 
  • The width of the rungs should be at least 16 inches, but not more than 20 inches.
  • Pieces of lumber should be used between rungs as fillers, which should be 2X2 in. 
  • Cleats should be equally spaced 12 inches on center from the top of one cleat to the top of the next cleat.
  • As for all ladders, inspection for damage should be conducted frequently and regularly

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