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Significance of the Colors of the Line Marking Tapes


The importance of marking accessories in major construction and industrial works cannot be under emphasized. They serve a variety of purposes and without them safety of the workforce or other visitors to the sites cannot be guaranteed. The line marking tapes and floor tapes are used to signify certain purposes.

Various colors of the marking tapes are meant to convey different meanings and of those meanings have to be decoded correctly. There is no single universal color that represents a particular message to be conveyed as the color to be used depends on the organization. Floor tapes and marking tapes come in a variety of colors to an extent that it is hard to decipher the message intended for a particular color. Most of the organizations use colors that have been known to represent a certain emotion, feeling or environment.

White colors markings when used extensively denotes a site that is about to be excavated. This serves as a warning to the residents or workers that soon there is bound to be workmanship taking place and hence urging caution. The pink marking or floor tape denotes markings that have been used temporarily by surveyors to mark certain boundary. They signify that the boundaries set by the marking are merely there tentatively. 

Red is a universal color for danger. Although it may signify various things in different fields when used in marking tapes in construction or industrial sites it signifies laid electric power lines, electric cables or any other equipments associated with both high and low voltage electricity lines. 

Orange color may be generally known to signify vibrancy and health but when used in marking tapes it signifies a different thing all together. Marking tapes adorning orange colors signify the presence of communication lines. This might either be those that are being installed or ones that are fully installed but still not completed yet. Visitors, workers and residents are hence urged to take caution when walking along those areas. Orange by extension may also signify telephone wires, alarm and TV wires. 

Green is the universal color of the environment and nature in general but it conveys a different picture altogether when used in marking tapes. This is a color that signifies sanitary system under construction, undergoing revamping or being worked on. It may also be used to indicate drainage lines or sewerage system. Yellow on the other hand is associated with petroleum materials and can be used to show that a certain area has oil spillage or is an oil storage facility. It may also denote the presence of gaseous materials and is another way of urging caution especially on the avoidance of any igniting material near such a facility.

There is no telling which particular color should be on which marking tape or which color specifically means what. However it is always advisable to take great caution where line marking tape and floor tapes are applied for they are used to convey certain information that might be pertinent to you. 

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