By: Matt McCreery

Safety Resources, Inc. has the expertise and professional experience to ensure your company is pre-qualified to and has developed any and all requirements to work for a multitude of owners that subscribe to ISNetworld, PICS, PEC Premier or any other prequalification process required to perform work.  These plans are often mandated, but once implemented they can also be extremely useful in managing liability and providing appropriate documentation if an injury or an OSHA inspection were to occur. All our deliverables will be managed so you can count on a timely delivery for your project documents.

ISNetworld “ISN” is an online contractor management database and prequalification process. ISN collects contractors’ health and safety and regulatory information then assigns a grade for Owners to review. This provides Owners the opportunity to select contractors that best meet regulatory and internal requirements.

Safety Resources Offered Services:

  • Partial or 100% assistance to complete your Management System Questionnaire.

  • All RAVS® Safety Programs written to ISNetworld standards.

  • Review and submittal of documents

  • OSHA 300 Logs

  • Insurance, EMR Letter

  • Consulting services tailored to your organization to improve overall scores.

Navigating the ISNetworld database is often a complicated and time consuming process for any size contractor.  Safety Resources has helped contractors navigate the MSQ questionnaire, develop RAV programs, submit required documents, develop action plans to improve unsatisfactory grades, and maintain the day-to-day ISN compliance.  Safety Resources can help contractors needing RAV safety programs or turnkey solutions to administer and maintain compliance.

  • Services Include:

  • Turnkey packages

  • RAV safety programs

  • TRAV training programs

  • MSQ assistance

  • Upload of Required Documents

  • OSHA logs (Assist in creating for small employers)

  • EMR letter

  • Certificates of insurance

  • Training documents

  • Assistance with preparation of company’s EMR and OSHA 300 documents

  • Offer consulting to improving individual Owner/Client grades