During the summer, the sunlight exposure is the highest all year, especially between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Working outdoors during these hours increases the likelihood of harmful side effects from UV rays. Light colored or reflective surfaces increase the risk of sunburn. Workers are at risk of UV radiation even on cloudy days.


It is extremely important to protect yourself from UV rays that can harm our skin and cause severe health hazards. This form of protection is more than just applying sunscreen to your skin, it also includes the use of personal protective equipment and tools that we use in the course of work. Tools, such as ladders, can be damaged by UV rays as well. 

Construction workers face higher risks due to prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays. With every passing hour, the amount of UV radiation that construction workers receive increases, which can lead to the development of various skin diseases and illnesses. Sunscreen, shade, protective equipment and work practices, and other tools like UV-absorbing glass significantly reduce the risk of developing any skin diseases.

There are many other UV protection products and practices that help to increase a wider spectrum of protection against UV radiation. These include the use of protective gloves, wide-brimmed hats, neck gators, and sunglasses with high-grade UV protection. Workers should also take regular breaks to rest and hydrate while working outside.

UV protection is a crucial aspect of health and safety in any industry, and it is vital to take necessary steps to protect yourself and your workers. It is always better to take precautions rather than to deal with the consequences of long-term exposure. By taking appropriate measures, we can not only ensure the long-term health of workers but also increase efficiency, reduce absenteeism, work-related illnesses, and create a healthy and safe work environment.