By: Aaron Wissen

A key element in developing and maintaining any safe and productive project is teamwork. Projects will run more punctually and efficiently when communication and teamwork between labor and management is a focal point. Accidents can be prevented through quality teamwork.

Think of safety on the golf course. Millions of people play golf every year, and yet even the most novice of golfer is aware of this warning...."FORE!" This simple form of communication is teamwork at its best, and provides an opportunity to prevent a possible injury.

What applies on the golf course also applies on the job. Following the rules and working safely is everyone's responsibility, but you have to think about other people working around you. You never know when someone is going to need a little teamwork from you or the other way around.

Approach each situation as it occurs by working together and remember the following points for teamwork:

  1. Any suggestions for making the project safer should be shared with co-workers and management, don't keep it to yourself. Tool Box Talks are a great forum for these discussions.
  2. If you see something wrong, don't think someone else will fix it. If you can't correct it easily yourself, report it and make sure it gets corrected.
  3. Assist or find help for tasks that are too large for someone to handle alone.
  4. Ask for help. Teamwork requires everyone's participation.
  5. Think about the other person, their safety may depend on you.