By: Matt McCreery

We all know that an effective workplace safety program and culture can positively affect your business’ bottom line, but did you know that by following these three simple tips you can see positive results immediately?  In this newsletter I have briefly outlined the three best ways management can affect their safety culture without spending a dime.

Tip #1:  Upper management involvement

  • On-site visibility
    • Management focus on safety only (not production)
    • Immediate feedback to employee’s safety behaviors.  (No blind eye)
  • Individual one on one safety talks
    • Positive & Negative
    • Show you care
  • Celebrate Successes
    • Keep employees informed about milestones you have reached.

Tip #2:  Consistent approach to rewards and disciplinary action

  • Practice what you preach
  • Take responsibility
    • Do not place blame on employee.
    • Investigate process to identify issues
      • Make changes
    • Review your accident history
      • History is bound to repeat itself until you step in and change its course.

Tip #3: Competent Person/Supervisor expectations

  • Employee involvement
    • Give your competent people the ability to provide input on safety systems and processes.
  • Communication
    • Communicate your commitment to safety to your entire organization through actions, meetings, and training. You must consistently hold yourself as well as your employees accountable for safety.
    • Set Goals and Measure
      • Don’t just set injury reduction goals. Look at the safety related activities that you are expecting from your management team and employees to improve your safety performance.