DR-FLCO – Stonewall at Riverwalk Project WALKING WORKING SURFACES
FLCO - Stonewall at Riverwalk Project.  Photo courtesy of David Risner.

Every day as workers arrive onsite, new and unique hazards may be present.  These hazards can range from a small potential for injury,  all the way to an immediate danger
to life.  

It is important to never assume that working conditions are the same, and daily inspections may be time consuming, but they may also save lives and prevent injuries. 

Pictured above, wooden protrusions are being used as markers for future operations. These operations are near one of the exits to the project building.  As a means of protecting workers from a potential slip, trip or fall hazard, onsite management has indicated that these such things must be marked with highly visible paint. 

Even small hazards may result in big consequences!

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