Photo courtesy of David Risner

Many workers know that a 6 foot working surface has potential fall hazards and fall protection is needed.  But what about working at a depth/height of 3 foot?  Even this
small distance may cause hazards if a safe means of access/egress is not present.

Pictured above is a subcontractor performing work in a trench only 3 foot deep, but a ladder is being used as a means of access/egress.

Information from Health & Safety International states:

1.  When planning any activities which may involve working at height, the following 
     hierarchy of control measures should be considered:

  • Avoidance where possible, of working at height;
  • Working from an existing place of work, or using an existing means of access and egress;
  • Provision of suitable work equipment to prevent a fall occurring, e.g. edge protection;
  • Provision of work equipment to minimize the distance and consequences of a fall, e.g. fall arrest systems; and
  • Instruction and training and/or other means.

2.  Where work at height cannot be avoided, an existing safe place of work should be
      used.  Workplaces (and means of access or egress) should:

  • Be stable and of sufficient strength and rigidity for their purpose;
  • Rest on stable and suitably strong surfaces;
  • Be of sufficient size to allow safe use for persons, plant and material;
  • Have suitable means for preventing a fall;
  • Have a surface which has no gap through which a person or material could fall and cause injury;
  • Be constructed, used and maintained to prevent the risks of slipping, tripping of any person; and being trapped between them and any adjacent structure.

3.  Where it isn’t reasonable to avoid work on or near a fragile surface:

  • Suitable protection, such as platforms, coverings, crawling boards or guardrails, must be provided, and 
  • Where this is not practicable, measures should be taken to minimize the distance and consequence of any fall, e.g. fall arrest systems, safety nets and air bags.

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